Month: September 2018


Serving the Church is Serving the Lord

Serving God

We Have A Problem Trinity has a big problem right now. We need more people to help in various places. We have people burning out because they have been serving on one committee for a very long time. And we have many places where there are great needs. On Rally Day, I was disappointed to see that not many people had signed up to do things. Now I am not trying to be rude toRead More

Goings On At Trinity

The state of things

From the desk of Pastor Rieger Rather than a relevant devotion like we normally have for our newsletter, I thought it would be appropriate to update and inform many of you of the goings on around here. First, many of you have asked how I am doing with the increased workload. Truthfully? I’m doing fine. Of course it has been very busy but, like I’ve told many of you, it’s a good busy. I’m busyRead More

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