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Advent 2018 Begins

Advent Candles

Advent 2018

The beginning of the new church year is beginning!  We celebrate the Advent season which has the meaning of “Coming”.  It is during this time period, we look forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Advent celebrates both the beginning, the birth of Jesus, as well as the forthcoming end, when Jesus comes back to raise up the saved people of His Father.  We prepare for His birth during the four Sundays prior to Christmas.  In the front of the church we have a wreath with five candles.  Each week, we light one of the outer candles to show the progression of time until Jesus comes.  On Christmas, the center candle is lit, signifying the birth of Jesus and the beginning of his time as true man on earth.

During Advent, we have special services on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm (central time).  These mid-week Advent services focus on a specific aspect of the lead-up to Jesus’ birth.  We will be live-streaming these services on our website (or using the Trinity App) as well as broadcasting them on KDHL AM 920 in Faribault (you can also listen using the KDHL App).

Christmas 2018

All of this leads to our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.  We will have a special service on Christmas Eve (the 24th) which will be live-streamed and broadcast on KDHL (4:30 pm on the 24th).  And then on Christmas Day, we will celebrate here at the church (and our live-stream and radio) at 9:00 am.

We invite you to join us for these special services as we joyously look forward to the coming of our Savior.  It is a wonderful time of the year and we hope you remember the real reason for the season.  Join us as we celebrate!

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