Month: December 2019


A Wonderful Year Of Spreading God’s Word!

Wonderful New Year

Happy New Year from The Radio Club!! What a wonderful year we’ve had.  We celebrated our 71st year of broadcasting in April.  We’ve been recording our services with video and having them on FCTV since the middle 80’s.  Our live stream on the internet has been growing since 2016.  And our focus of getting the wonderful Word of God out to the masses has not wavered! What a Wonderful Year! Here’s a quick run-down ofRead More

New Year, New Hope

New Year

New Year, New Hope There’s so much surrounding the new year, especially all the new and exciting things and opportunities. We make our resolutions to make ourselves new, whether that’s exercising, changing habits, healthier eating or whatever else. There’s so much we hope in. If you’re not aware, I’ve been using studies produced by the Bible Project for Sunday Morning Bible Study and Confirmation. They do these phenomenal overviews of books of Scripture with coolRead More

New Streaming Links – Welcome to Boxcast

Boxcast Streaming

We’ve Moved to BoxCast! We have completed the changeover from Sunday Streams to BoxCast as our streaming provider.  This was necessitated due to BoxCast merging with Sunday Streams and combining their platforms. The new link to our stream on our site is here. You can also get to our stream from this URL: Additionally, you can view our services LIVE on YouTube as well!  Just go to our YouTube Channel at this link. IfRead More

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