Pastor Rieger and Trinity Members Take the Plunge!

Camp Omega Polar Plunge 2019

Camp Omega

Camp Omega

Established in 1964 and located just north of Waterville, Minnesota, Camp Omega has been serving over 50 years as a Christian retreat facility and summer camp. Open year round, Camp Omega serves a wide variety of Christian and secular groups and is the perfect setting for summer camp, family reunions, retreats, conferences and other gatherings. Camp Omega’s location on Horseshoe Lake provides a welcoming and comfortable setting within easy reach of southern Minnesota and surrounding states.

The Polar Plunge

Camp Omega utilizes fundraising to help offset costs of running the camp.  This was the second year of the Polar Plunge.  Volunteer teams signed up and raised money for the camp and then jumped into the freezing water in the Morristown community pool!

Trinity’s team raised $645 for the camp this year.  The team included:

Pastor Paul Rieger
Steve Mullenex
Ryan Vollbrecht
Vince Vollbrecht
Tony Reuvers
Sue Reuvers

They did an awesome job!  Just check out the video of their fun!!  Thank you for supporting Camp Omega.

For more information about Camp Omega, click here.


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