Weekly Messages

  • July 26 2020

    Topic: Grace

    Even though the world and Satan might try to tell you otherwise, as a child of God, Jesus’ grace changes everything, especially with how we look at life and how we go about living it out in Jesus!

  • July 19 2020

    Topic: Parable

    In Matthew 13, Jesus shares with us the parable of the weeds.  Pastor Rieger reflects on Jesus’ explanation of the parable and how it is relevant to us in our walk of faith today.,

  • July 12 2020

    With everything going on in our world today, we’re presented with two different lifestyles: one focused on the self and sin, and the other one focused on being a child of God and living in the Spirit.

  • July 5 2020

    We are celebrating Independence Day and looking at the United States. Where are we at in history? How do we respond?

  • June 28 2020

    What is the difference between Law and Gospel? Why do we care? Pastor Rieger explains the differences and why we should care!

  • June 21 2020

    Topic: Passion

    What are you passionate about? Is your passion a healthy one? What should we be passionate about?

  • June 14 2020

    Topic: Prayer

    Are you worried? Why do we worry? What can we do about the problems of the world? What can we do with the problems in our own families? Pastor James Lamb tells us that when we take issues to God in prayer, God comes back and says, “I’ve got this.”

  • June 7 2020

    Topic: God

    Christians worship God. That’s understood. But who is God? Our God is UNIQUE! We worship the Triune God. But what is that? How can there be three individuals who make up one God? This message will help explain that!

  • May 31 2020

    Topic: Pentecost

    Pentecost is an interesting celebration in the Lutheran church. How does the Holy Spirit work? Pentecost shows us how the Spirit provides us the guidance and wisdom to spread God’s great word!

  • May 24 2020

    Topic: Ascension

    So the story so far. Jesus, who is God, became man when he was born in Bethlehem. He grew up. He preached. He healed. He comforted. He was crucified. He died. He went to hell and confronted the devil. He rose again after 3 days. And now, we celebrate Jesus triumphant rise to Heaven. His work on earth as a man was complete. This is the story and how it relates to us today.

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