Pastor Paul Rieger

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

The Blessings We Receive

In reflecting on this nation, I think that we really take for granted the prosperity we’ve been given here. When I went south to Nicaragua, the differences between our two nations is unreal. The people and businesses gladly take US currency; this past time I was down in February I only paid with US money. The condition of their cars was far less than ours. Their homes were not the size of ours. The availability of jobs was no where near what we have. That perspective helped me realize the blessings that my family and my fellow citizens have been given.

When you park your car, realize the incredible blessing of actually having a car.  Walking into your home, realize the incredible blessing of actually owning a home. Opening your fridge and seeing you have food in it, when you can sit on your couch and watch TV with no worries about power being an issue, when you have a comfy bed, when you have clean clothes, realize the amazing blessing that you have been given. God has blessed us with prosperity and amazing gifts.

Why are we blessed?

But there’s another side to that. When you are blessed, you are blessed for a reason. You are blessed with salvation to remove the curse of sin. Christ did not die on the cross for nothing but for your freedom. So keep that in mind as you look at the other blessings you have. Now that’s not to make you feel guilty, but so that you realize how blessed you are. Do not feel guilty that you sit with a beer watching the Twins play, but realize that you have some-thing that many don’t.

We are facing issues in this country that are getting swept under the rug. Kids are going hungry, only eating at school. I have spoken with teachers from all over the country and many have laundry machines to wash kids’ clothes. As I work with people I see a great need for mental health care, and they cannot do anything because they cannot afford insurance. So I want you to look at your blessings, again not to feel guilty, but to see where you might be able to bless others. God blesses for His purposes, not just to make you happy. As you celebrate this wonderful country during our birthday, reflect especially on the blessings we have received.

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