Devotion By Pastor Paul Rieger

The Strength Of Jesus


The Strength Of Jesus

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

This verse is like the Christian Nike slogan (Nike says, “Just Do It.”). I’ve seen this plastered so many places.  Many seem to interpret this as saying that “I can do anything”. But, as always, context is king. When Paul speaks of being able to do all things, he doesn’t speak of competing in a game. He speaks of harsh challenges and how life can change in a moment.

While writing to the Philippians, Paul is in prison. He is receiving love and comfort from the Philippians and in response to this he speaks of contentment. Being content means that you are satisfied regardless of your position in life. Whether you’re in need or have enough, you are content and satisfied. In speaking of this, Paul tells us that he is able to do it through the power of Jesus. And it is the same power that we, too, hold. When we are in need, when we have enough, when we rise, when we sleep, in and through all things we can continue on thanks to the strength of Jesus.



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