2019 Fundraiser a Success

Wrestling Recap – March Mayhem

Wrestling 2019 Recap

March Mayhem arrived at Trinity Lutheran Church on Saturday the 30th of March!  Yes, you read that right.  Professional Wrestling right here in the gymnasium!

Wrestling at Trinity
Wrestling at Trinity

Six spectacular matches were held and a crowd of 180+ cheered on the wrestlers.  Doors opened at 1:00 pm and matches started about 2:00 pm.  We had nearly 3 hours of action in the squared circle that was non-stop!

We began set up about 10:30 am.  Setting the ring took a lot of work and coordination.  The ring is 16-foot on a side and is constructed of very heavy steel and planking.  Imagine a large erector set!

Ring Setup
Ring Setup

Bring on the Fans!

Once the puzzle was complete we were ready to go!  Doors opened and we had people streaming in to watch the action.

Fans Entering
Fans Entering

Once we got everyone in, we started out with a quick prayer and the National Anthem.

National Anthem
National Anthem

Ready, ACTION!

Then it was time to get the action started.  Our ring announcer for the day was Paul Daley from Winona’s 101 FM radio.

Paul Daley - Ring Announcer
Paul Daley – Ring Announcer

Our first match was Darin Corbin against Arik Cannon.  This turned into a brawl that set up our  final match of the day.

First Match
First Match
Arik Cannon
Arik Cannon

This set the stage for the rest of the day.  It was non-stop action from the first match.

Greeting fans
Greeting fans
Chris "The Real Deal" Steel
Chris “The Real Deal” Steel

Cuteness At Its Best

One of the greatest moments was “Downtown” Petey Brown, who is a very hyper guy on Red Bull energy drink and dances all the time, getting all the kids to follow him around the ring dancing.  It was so awesome to see.  The video is below.

HUGE Success!

This fundraiser, our 3rd annual wrestling event, was a huge success.  The Trinity Radio Club would like to thank the following for all of their hard work:

Brian, Michele and Sierra Fuchs
J.J., Hunter and Wyatt Foss
Kevin Keely
The Trinity 2019 Confirmation Class (Tucker, Jade and Mandy)
Barb Caron
All of the wrestlers and their support folks (Ring, sound and lights)
Paul Daley (ring announcer)
Todd Voge

We look forward to doing this again next year!  Hope you will join us!


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