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VBS ROAR! God Is Good!

VBS 2019 God is Good

Vacation Bible School

VBS is here again! It’s a very exciting time for our church. It’s wonderful to see the kids getting together to have some fun and learn about God. This year’s focus is all about God’s goodness, and the focus is always on how can we equip the kids for life.  God is Good!

Day 1 – Life is Unfair! God is Good!

Day one we teach the kids that when life is unfair, God is good. It’s a terrible reality that life is unfair. We see people who don’t deserve good things getting them. Awful people get away with so much. Why is life unfair? While we don’t have the answer for this, we do know that God is present and good. He loves and serves us, and it’s unfair because we do not deserve His love!

Day 2 – Life is Scary!

Then day two we teach the kids that when life is scary, God is good. Another common thing, terror. While some people love scary movies, scary things in life are unwelcome. So how do we deal with the scary things of life? Again, we go to God, who is good in the midst of terrifying things. His power and might give us goodness and salvation from all evil and scary things.

Day 3 – Life Changes!

Day three teaches that when life changes, God is good. Change is hard, and we as Lutherans seem to have even more difficulty with it. But how many changes come in life? Jobs change, people change; we move, whether we like it or not. So how do you set a child up for success? Teach them how to deal with change and where to go when the stress of change comes at them. God is good, even in the midst of change.

Day 4 – Life is Sad!

Day four teaches us that when life is sad, God is good. There is a growing epidemic of depression in our country. People are finding life hopeless. God, however, is here for them all with His goodness. He is here to bring healing and new life, and He does so by sending Jesus.

Day 5 – Life is Good!

Then finally on day five, we teach the kids that when life is good, God is good. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to be thankful, but in this day we hope to lead these kids to be thankful for all of God’s goodness to them.In all of these things, we want to teach the kids that God is good, and His goodness is available for them at all times. Firstly, God’s goodness is available for them from the cross, removing their sin and setting them free. God’s goodness is ready to bring life, as the goodness of Christ does not remain in the grave but He rises from the dead. And then the goodness of God continues as He continues to be with us and provide for us in all aspects of life.

So then, learn these truths for your-self as well. Know that God is good and that His goodness is available for you at all times. Finally, pray for our VBS. Pray for these kids and that God would sent His Spirit to all of them to lead them to God’s goodness.

You can get more information about our Vacation Bible School right here.

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