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What’s Happening This Lent?


Lent Is Coming

These seasons where we have midweek services are a great opportunity for pastors to do sermon series. This lent our theme will be “From the Star to the Cross.”

This is a collaboration between our regular worship artists of Kevin Kreger and Steve Denninger. Kevin brought me into the sanctuary one day to talk to me about his worship pieces for Lent. He wanted to draw attention to the wonderful star made for us by Steve, and then it would lead to the cross, our primary focus of Lent. This idea excites me a lot. I find it helpful to get that whole story from the beginning to the end.

From the Star to the Cross

Often with our lectionary it feels like we jump around too much, and we don’t focus on how the events played out. Well this Lent we will. We will look at the Epiphany celebration of Jesus being revealed to the nations. We will end with Good Friday where we reflect and give thanks for Jesus being given to the nations. It’ll be a great opportunity for us to see how the teachings of Jesus relate to the cross. Then we reflect on how the miracles of Jesus reveal more about the arrival of the Magi, because in each step, we will see God’s grace. We will see the gift of the Christ given. And will see the power of Christ on display. We will see the life of Christ lifted up for the world. So this Lent I pray that you have a very “holistic” experience. By that I hope you will see how you are made holy by the life of Christ, from star to cross.

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