Month: July 2017


Faces of the Reformation – Luther’s Children

Luther's Children

Luther’s Children In our series, Faces of the Reformation, you have read about several people who are important to the Reformation history. God used these men in different ways to spread the message that Martin Luther wanted people to know – that it is only through grace alone and faith alone, learned through the scriptures alone, that we may be sure of our salvation. In this post you will learn about a more personal sideRead More

We, the People of God

Family at Church

Strength and Peace In Psalm 29:11 David says, “The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.” Two things are promised the people of God in this verse, strength and peace, and both are very much what people of God need. We do need to note that these two things are promised specifically to those who are the people of God. We also need to note that itRead More

Faces of the Reformation: Jan Hus/John Huss

Johan Hus

A 15th-century Bohemian reformer who set the stage for the world-changing reforms of Martin Luther. – Jan Hus – Born: circa 1373 – Died: July 6, 1415 This month’s Face of the Reformation is about a man who lived more than 150 years before Martin Luther. His name was Jan Hus. Jan Hus was born in a part of what is now the Czech Republic. It was called Bohemia. Jan’s family was not wealthy, butRead More

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