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Trinity Will Be Regathering June 7!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, These past few months have been difficult as we all have had to adjust to our new norm.  But God has been an ever present source of strength and hope. The Lord has blessed us to be able to worship from a distance, but now it is time for us to regather and to lift our prayers and praises side-by-side in worship. On May 26, various members from theRead More

A New Senior Pastor For Trinity!

Thank You God

Trinity’s Pastors On June 9, 2018, Trinity suffered a tremendous loss when our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Michael Nirva, went to his heavenly home after a short fight with cancer.  Our Associate Pastor, Paul Rieger, has done an amazing job of keeping the ministry working during this time. Pastor Nirva was a wonderful man who was tremendously supportive of the Radio Club and the ministry we do.  He also came into the church at aRead More

New Year, New Hope

New Year

New Year, New Hope There’s so much surrounding the new year, especially all the new and exciting things and opportunities. We make our resolutions to make ourselves new, whether that’s exercising, changing habits, healthier eating or whatever else. There’s so much we hope in. If you’re not aware, I’ve been using studies produced by the Bible Project for Sunday Morning Bible Study and Confirmation. They do these phenomenal overviews of books of Scripture with coolRead More

Thank God For… A Thanksgiving Message

Thank You God

Thank God For… Rev. Kurt Lehmkuhl has graciously agreed to serve as Trinity’s Vacancy Pastor while we wait for the Lord to send us a permanent Senior Pastor. Rev. Lehmkuhl will be helping Rev. Paul Rieger with our nursing home ministry, preaching, visitation, etc. A warm welcome and special thank you to Pastor Lehmkuhl! He Owns It All! Thanksgiving is sort of a “First Article” holiday when we remember that God “made it all” andRead More

Podcast – Oct 20, 2019 – Have You Seen Jesus Lately?

Radio Club treasure

Have You Seen Jesus Lately? Our guest speaker this week is Pastor Walter Volz from “Food for the Poor“.  He asks the question about whether we have seen Jesus lately?  Maybe we’re not looking in the right place. Food for the Poor is a wonderful organization that provides food and care for people all over the world.  This is an incredibly wonderful story that Pastor Volz tells us. Pastor Walter D. Volz was raised inRead More

Podcast – Oct 13, 2019 – Giving and Receiving Faith

Radio Club treasure

Giving and Receiving the Faith Join us this week as Pastor Paul Rieger talks about how we receive the Word of God and then share it with others.  Learn how this giving and receiving of the faith can help bring us closer to God. We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He gives us. If you have any questions or comments regarding this podcast, pleaseRead More

Focusing On Jesus Christ

Christ Focused

Focusing On Jesus Christ 500 years later, Martin Luther and his work in the church still ring true today. But a misconception of many is that Luther wanted to break away from the church. This was never the case. Luther wanted to reform the church, to change the church and bring it back to the way it was focused on the salvation of Jesus Christ and the joy of serving God through love. The ChurchRead More

Podcast – Aug 18, 2019 – Not Here For A Good Time

Radio Club treasure

Not Here For A Good Time Who is God?  What are truly Jesus’ beliefs?  Is He a “momma’s boy”?   Or is He a “man’s man”?  Who is Jesus?  Jesus was not here for a good time.  He had a job and completed it. Join Pastor Paul Rieger as he talks about who Jesus is.  It’s an interesting journey into the life and the person of Jesus Christ. We hope this message is uplifting for youRead More

LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces


From the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces. We invite all of you to read the newsletter, which highlights what the church is doing for our military members. Providing ministry support to the armed forces is a big undertaking and the LCMS, along with our congregations worldwide, has taken on the challenge. From The So Help Me God Site This issue of the So Help Me God newsletter from the LCMS Ministry to the ArmedRead More

Podcast – Jul 28, 2019 – The Power of Going to God

Radio Club treasure

The Power of Going to God Have you ever prayed?  Do you think God even listens?  It’s a question that many people ask.  “God doesn’t answer my prayers.  Why should I even try?”  Where is the power that I supposedly have in prayer? Well, God does listen to EVERY prayer lifted to him.  And he answers EVERY prayer lifted to him.  But do we always see the answer?  Prayer is a very powerful communication methodRead More

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