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Podcast – Feb 17, 2019 – The King’s Business


The King’s Business Listen to our pastor Rex Longshore talk about Jesus’ ministry and how he went about getting His message out to the masses.  And then hear how we can take Jesus example and bring it into our own lives.  Join us today for “The King’s Business”. We hopeRead More

Podcast – Feb 10, 2019 – What Is A Disciple?


What Is A Disciple? What does it mean to be a “disciple”?  According to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition is, “a convinced adherent of a school or individual .”  In simple terms, someone who is considered a disciple is considered a “follower” or a “student”.  As Jesus began his ministry,Read More

Podcast – Jan 27, 2019 – Real. Present. God.


National Lutheran Schools Week Listen to pastor Paul Rieger talk about how God is Real, is Present, and is HERE for us!  He pulls this into the discussion of our schools and how our schools continue to show how real our God is!  Listen to this wonderful message of howRead More

Podcast – Jan 6, 2019 – Revealed To The Nations


Revealed to the Nations Today we celebrate Epiphany.  That means, “the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi” (per Google Dictionary).  This is when we celebrate when Jesus was revealed to the world through the visit of the “wise men” or Magi.  Listen as Pastor PaulRead More

Podcast – Dec 16, 2018 – Are You The Messiah?


Are You the Messiah? The third Sunday in Advent continues the story of John the Baptist.  Today, Pastor Paul Rieger talks about how people mistakenly looked at John as the Messiah.  Listen as Pastor Rieger explains how this confusion set in and how John dealt with it. We hope thisRead More

Podcast – Dec 12, 2018 – Hope


Hope This is the 2nd week of our special mid-week Advent services.  The message series Pastor Paul Rieger is conducting is based off of 1st Corinthians 13:13 which says, And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Last message, Pastor Rieger talkedRead More

Podcast – Dec 9, 2018 – Prepare the Way of the Lord


Prepare the Way of the Lord John the Baptist came before Jesus and started to lay the groundwork for the coming of the Savior. As we begin the second week of Advent Pastor Paul Rieger talks about how John paved the way for Jesus, he tells us to prepare. WeRead More

The Beginning of the Church Year

Salvation is Near

What is Advent? This week, we begin the new Church Year. But you may ask, “Isn’t starting the church year the first week in December rather strange? Most organizations use the calendar year!” Well, there is a good reason for this! The period leading up to the birth of JesusRead More

Podcast – November 25, 2018 – Build Each Other Up


Build Each Other Up The end of the church year has arrived and we begin to look to the new year.  And that brings us to the Advent season.  Advent means “coming” and it foretells the coming of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.  But before that happens, Pastor Rieger willRead More

Advent 2018 Begins

Advent Candles

Advent 2018 The beginning of the new church year is beginning!  We celebrate the Advent season which has the meaning of “Coming”.  It is during this time period, we look forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Advent celebrates both the beginning, the birth of Jesus, as wellRead More

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