Month: August 2017


Faces of the Reformation – Johann Tetzel


Who Was Johannes Tetzel? For our next installment of our Reformation history, dear readers, you will read about one of the most well known people in the Reformation story and also one of the most unpopular people in the Reformation story! You will read about Johann or Johannes Tetzel. Johann Tetzel was born in 1465 in Pirna, in Saxony, Germany. He attended the University of Leipzig and when he graduated with a bachelor of artsRead More

A Life of Learning


The School Year Starts! Again, a new school year starts. That leads me to think about education and wonder what we’re doing for education. So what are you doing for education? Do you read constantly? Do you watch videos online? Do you find new hobbies to learn new skills? It’s generally a good idea for us to constantly seek to improve ourselves, through learning new skills and the like. So what are you doing toRead More

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