November, 2017

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Advent Season Begins!

Please join our Trinity Family as we begin our Advent Season! Advent is the season where we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. During the Advent season, we have services on Wednesday evenings, starting on December 6, at 5:30 pm Central Time. These mid-week services areRead More

Unwrapping the Gifts – Advent Season Devotions

With the coming of Thanksgiving this week, we also look forward to the Advent season. Advent is where we, as Christians, prepare for the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a joyous time and one that we very much look forward to each year. This year,Read More

Thankful Stewardship

November has come and with it brings cold weather, Thanksgiving, and Trinity’s stewardship focus. I am truly excited about stewardship this year because we will be visited by sons from our congregation who has moved into the office of Holy Ministry. This month we will have the Reverend Richard Kelm,Read More

We Belong to God

Our Father in heaven has claimed us as His own. By the shedding of His Son’s blood, by the His death for our sins and His resurrection for our justification, God the Father has received us back into His family. By water combined with His Word, promise, and name, theRead More

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