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Faces of the Reformation: Martin Luther’s Parents


Hans and Margarethe Luder In our last post, we were introduced to a good friend of Martin Luther, Lucas Cranach. Besides being a good friend and supporter, Cranach provided us with many images of Martin Luther that we can still enjoy because Lucas Cranach was also a renowned artist. This time, we will get acquainted with some very important people in Luther’s life: his parents, Hans and Margarethe Luder. Both Hans and Margarethe were bornRead More

Faces of the Reformation: Lucas Cranach, The Elder


The Reformation The year 2017 is an important one in Lutheran history. It was 500 years ago, in October, that Martin Luther nailed his 95 these to the church door in Wittenberg in an attempt to “Reform” the Catholic church. We would like to use this year to inform you about some of the people and events that are important in our church Reformation history. We want to introduce you to important people who wereRead More

New Streaming Apps Available!

Streaming App

Live Streaming! Our new streaming apps are available for download and install at the Google Play and Apple App Stores! These new apps will be used to view our new streaming services starting on June 4. We have decided to go with Sunday Streams as our streaming provider instead of This will save us money for monthly streaming charges as well as allow us to offer more capability for you to be able toRead More

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