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Podcast – September 27, 2020 – Intentional Hope

Intentional Hope Pastor Paul Rieger talks about our grandparents as we look to celebrate National Grandparents day.

Podcast – September 20, 2020 – To The End Of The Age

To The End Of The Age Join Pastor Mark Schulz, guest speaker, as he talks about Trinity’s 150th Anniversary in relation to the Church overall.

Podcast – September 13, 2020 – Trust In The Lord

Trust In The Lord? Pastor Rieger discusses the Proverbs 3 reading, especially focusing on trust and leaning on God. He looks at the lie of independence and then shows us that God does everything for us, and that we can be dependent on him.

Podcast – September 6, 2020 – A Lesson On Forgiveness

A Lesson On Forgiveness? In a world filled with conflict and confrontation, even conflict and moments where sin need to be dealt with in the open come up in the church. Yet, not only does Jesus give us a formula for addressing these difficult situations, but he also gives us a reassuring promise when we have to deal with conflict.  Listen to Pastor Tyler Werner as he goes through this discussion.

Podcast – August 30, 2020 – How To Be

How To Be? How do we react to Jesus’ portrayal in our secular world? How should we think?  Does God get involved with politics?  All good questions that are reviewed this week by Pastor Paul Rieger.

Podcast – August 23, 2020 – Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Who Do You Say Jesus Is? Who do you say Jesus is? Is He just another good moral and spiritual guide? Was He just a good person in human history? Or is He someone much greater than just that?

Podcast – August 16, 2020 – The Outsider Brought In

The Outsider Brought In Pastor Paul Rieger tackles a tough subject that is ripped from today’s headlines.  How do we handle all of the social unrest we are dealing with now?  Pastor Rieger brings scripture into play on how to react to what is happening in our world today.

Podcast – August 9, 2020 – Be Encouraged! It’s Jesus!

Be Encouraged!  It’s Jesus! Anxiety is a difficult topic, and there’s a lot of things going on in our world right now that could make us anxious and afraid for the future. Yet, Jesus reminds us today and always that he is standing right beside us through it all!  Listen to Pastor Tyler Werner as he talks about anxiety.

Podcast – August 2, 2020 – Rocky Railway VBS Intro

Rocky Railway VBS Intro Pastor Paul Rieger talks about the Rocky Railway VBS program the kids will be studying.

Podcast – July 26, 2020 – Grace Changes Everything

Grace Changes Everything Even though the world and Satan might try to tell you otherwise, as a child of God, Jesus’ grace changes everything, especially with how we look at life and how we go about living it out in Jesus!

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