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Podcast – July 19, 2020 – Parable of the Weeds

Parable of the Weeds In Matthew 13, Jesus shares with us the parable of the weeds.  Pastor Rieger reflects on Jesus’ explanation of the parable and how it is relevant to us in our walk of faith today.,

Podcast – July 12, 2020 – Daring To Be Different: Children Of God

Daring To Be Different: Children Of God With everything going on in our world today, we’re presented with two different lifestyles: one focused on the self and sin, and the other one focused on being a child of God and living in the Spirit.

New Audio and Video Podcasts

Audio and Video Podcasts are Here! We know that sometimes it is not easy to get to church.  And you’d like to listen to the pastor’s message but just don’t have the time to skim through a video to find the right starting point. Well, search no longer!  We’ve started to post our weekly messages (sermons) to Apple iTunes podcasts as well as Google Play podcasts.  Links to both are below: Apple Podcasts Google PlayRead More

Podcast – July 5, 2020 – Our Problem

Our Problem Happy Independence Day!  Join Pastor Paul Rieger as he talks about our country and the problems we are facing.

Podcast – June 28, 2020 – The Old Way and The New Way

The Old Way and The New Way This week, Pastor Paul Rieger discusses the difference between law and gospel!  Join us for this view on why we differentiate between the two.

Podcast – June 21, 2020 – Passions

Passions Pastor Paul Rieger talks about Passions and how our passions can sometimes get us in trouble.

Podcast – June 14, 2020 – I Got This

I Got This Special guest speaker, Rev. Dr. James Lamb, joins us today and talks about how God intervenes for us.  “I Got This” shows how God supports us during our trials and tribulations.  Enjoy the message from Dr. Lamb!

Podcast – June 7, 2020 – Our Unique God

Our Unique God Pastor Paul Rieger explains the wonderful Triune God we serve.  God the Father, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit are all separate entities, but yet only One God!  How can that be?  Listen to today’s message to find out!

Podcast – May 31, 2020 – Burning Passion of God’s Grace

Ascension Join Pastor Paul Rieger as he talks about God’s Grace and how that wonderful gift of love affects us today.  What does it mean to have God’s Grace showered on us?  Pastor Rieger will explain.

Podcast – May 24, 2020 – Ascension

Ascension Pastor Paul Rieger talks about Jesus’ ascending into heaven.  What is the significance of that for Christians?  What does that mean for us?  Should we care?  All these questions and more are answered!

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