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Podcast – Mar 1, 2020 – Red Letter Challenge – Week Of Being

Red Letter Challenge – Week Of Being We begin our study of the book “The Red Letter Challenge” by looking at “The Week of Being”.  Join Pastor Paul Rieger.

Podcast – Feb 26, 2020 – Ash Wednesday – Practicing Righteousness

Practicing Righteousness We start our Lenten season with Ash Wednesday and Pastor Paul Rieger talking about Practicing Righteousness.

Podcast – Feb 23, 2020 – The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration Pastor Kurt Lemkuhl talks about the Transfiguration of our Lord and what it means to us.

Podcast – Feb 16, 2020 – Problems In Corinth IV

Problems In Corinth IV The final chapter in Pastor Paul Rieger’s series on Corinthians.

Podcast – Feb 9, 2020 – Problems In Corinth III

Problems In Corinth III Pastor Paul Rieger continues his series about Corinthians in part 3 of 4.

Podcast – Feb 2, 2020 – Problems In Corinth II

Problems In Corinth II Pastor Paul Rieger continues with the 2nd part of his 4-part series on Corinthians.

Podcast – Jan 19, 2020 – Problems In Corinth I

Problems In Corinth I Join Pastor Paul Rieger as he begins a 4-part series on Corinthians.

Podcast – Jan 19, 2020 – The Lamb of God

The Lamb of God Join pastor Kurt Lemkuhl as he talks about The Lamb of God.

Podcast – Jan 12, 2020 – Names: Recorded and Remembered

Names: Recorded and Remembered The celebration of the 150th anniversary of Trinity begins with Pastor Paul Cloeter speaking about Names: Recorded and Remembered.

Podcast – Jan 5, 2020 – Lord Of the Nations

Lord Of the Nations We begin 2020 with a message from Pastor Paul Rieger talking about how God is the Lord of all nations.

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