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Podcast – May 12, 2019 – No One Will Snatch Them Out Of My Hand

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No One Will Snatch Them Out Of My Hand This week, Pastor Paul Rieger talks about how Jesus holds on to us.  He doesn’t let us go.  Listen this week for the wonderful message of how Jesus keeps us in his flock.  He doesn’t let anyone snatch us out of His hand! We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He gives us. If you haveRead More

Podcast – May 5, 2019 – The Disciples After Resurrection

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The Disciples After The Resurrection Just think about it.  You are a disciple of Jesus.  You’ve followed His entire ministry from the start.  He has been an inspiration to you.  His methods have been different.  People listen to Him.  They follow Him.  They worship Him!  You’ve been there for everything.  And then, He’s betrayed and arrested.  A mock court sentences Him to death.  You don’t know what to do.  Jesus is nailed to a crossRead More

Podcast – Apr 28, 2019 – Jesus Came Back

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Jesus Came Back Easter is behind us and we are in a new church year.  But what does that mean to us?  Why is the resurrection of Jesus such an important thing for us?  Jesus’ death is only half the story.  To make this sacrifice he did for us work, he had to not only die, but conquer death.  That means, he had to come back to life.  That’s the reason we are no longerRead More

Taking a Breath – Finding Rest in God

Peace And Contentment

Taking a Breath! I feel like I can finally take a breath! April was such a busy month. The amount of writing I had to do was just unreal. I felt like I was back in school writing term papers. But it was all for a good reason. We joined together in April to celebrate our victory over sin and death found in the death and resurrection of our God. I am glad to beRead More

Podcast – Apr 21, 2019 – It All Depends On This

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It All Depends On This Happy Easter!  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  We say these words every year.  They are ingrained in our lexicon.  But what does that really mean?  Easter?  As Pastor Paul Rieger talks about in this message, it all depends on faith.  Pastor Reiger will take us through a history of the word “Easter.”  We can see why this word is a great ice breaker when we want to discussRead More

Podcast – Apr 19, 2019 – It Is Finished

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It Is Finished Why do we call the day that Jesus was crucified, “Good Friday”?  That makes no sense!  What’s so good about it?  Jesus was killed!  He died.  His last words, “It is finished”, brings to the end the ministry of Jesus Christ.  But does it really?  NO!  When Jesus says that phrase, he is telling us that he conquered death for us!  It no longer holds us in its grip.  It is aRead More

Podcast – Mar 31, 2019 – The Lost

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The Lost If you go to church, you may notice that people you used to see are no longer there.  Do you wonder why?  Have they gone to their heavenly home?  Have they just stopped coming to church?  Maybe they are lost. It can be a multitude of reasons you no longer see them. Pastor Paul Rieger relates the parable of the Prodigal Son and how that parable works in our church today.  How canRead More

Podcast – Mar 27, 2019 – Temptation

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From the Star to the Cross: Temptation As we continue our series for this Lenten season, Pastor Paul Rieger talks about Temptation.  Whether we are at home, at work, school or anywhere, we are tempted.  Our reaction to this is important.  Do we succumb to whatever is tempting us?  How do we respond? Join Pastor Rieger as he discusses Jesus’ temptation by the devil in the desert.  How Jesus reacted and responded gives a greatRead More

Podcast – Mar 17, 2019 – Stay Firm

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Stay Firm As we continue in the Lent Season, Pastor Paul Rieger asks us a question.  “If you were facing a possible execution?  What would you say to other people?”  How would you answer that?  The Apostle Paul faced just that question while he was writing to the Philippians.  Hopefully you have never faced a question like this.  But if you ever are faced with this, what do you say?  Would you stay firm inRead More

Podcast – Feb 3, 2019 – The Power of the Lord

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The Power of the Lord Have you ever thought about power?  How is it held over you?  Governments, bosses, parents, and others all wield different degrees of power over us. God’s power is absolute.  And he shows us in many different ways that he is in charge.  Listen today as Pastor Paul Rieger talks about God’s power and how he uses it to guide us in our everyday lives. We hope this message is upliftingRead More

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