Podcast – Aug 4, 2019 – 5 Short Messages

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5 Short Messages

Vacation Bible School begins this week and to open the program, Pastor Paul Rieger begins with “5 Short Messages.”

The focus of VBS this week is “Roar! Life Is Wild!  God is Good!”  Each day will have a different focus and how God shows He is good! Here is a breakdown of what the kids will see and hear each day!

We start out on Sunday the 4th with, “When life is unfair – God is Good!”  Today’s message talked about the Children of Israel when they were slaves in Egypt.

Monday the 5th, the focus is on, “When life is scary – God is Good!”  Building on the story of the captivity in Egypt, Pastor Rieger talks about the plagues that God sends to the land.  But how he was good with those who worshiped him.

Tuesday the 6th, we look at, “When life changes – God is Good!”  Pastor Rieger now takes the Children of Israel and looks at when they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.  Talk about change!

Wednesday the 7th, our focus is on, “When life is sad – God is Good!”  How sad is it that because of our sin and the bad that we think and do, that God sent Jesus to DIE for us?  Life is sad at times.  But God is Good!

We finish the week on Thursday the 8th looking at, “When life is good – God is Good!”  Our reflection is still with the story of the Israelites and how they built a memorial to remember God’s goodness to them.

Join us this week for a great story of how God is Good!

We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He gives us.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this podcast, please contact us at info@trinityradioandvideo.org

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