Pastor Paul Rieger - Associate Pastor - Trinity Lutheran Church

The Days To Come


What’s Going to Happen?

We’re all aware of Pastor Nirva’s recent diagnosis and the long road that he now has to walk. I bet that a lot of you have worries in your heart, remembering the days when our church struggled to find a pastor.  What’s going to happen?

I’ve had a lot more put on my plate as I cover so that Pastor Nirva can focus more on getting better. But what’s going to happen? Will I burn out? We have many people coming forward asking what they can do to help in this church’s time of need. They worry, “What’s going to happen?” You know why we worry? It’s because we care.

Worry is a sign that we are thinking about something that is very important to us. We don’t worry about the trivial things, we worry about the things that matter to us. So when you worry about our church and our future, it’s because you care. But that anxiety will build up in you; you must be careful of it.

What God Says About Worry

Our Lord Jesus talks about worry and anxiety. Matthew 6 tells us that Jesus said, “Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Jesus wants you to be concerned with today and leave tomorrow’s worry for tomorrow. It’s sometimes hard to deal with someone who tells you, “Don’t worry,” when you’re in the midst of worrying. But when Jesus tells you, “Don’t worry” you can take it to heart. We can trust Him when He says this because He does what is necessary to take care of us.

Look to God

In fact, God does everything for us. Jesus tells us earlier in that passage in Matthew 6 to look at how God takes care of the grass that might be here today and gone tomorrow. Jesus then reminds us that we’re more precious to God, and as God takes care of the grass, He will certainly take care of us. And so as we worry about our church and what’s going on, I remind you of the loving nature of our God. Remember how God dealt with the huge and awful problem of sin and death. If God can send us Jesus to take our place and bring us grace and forgiveness, He can take care of us today.

But if you still struggle to trust God to take care of you, tell Him that. Open up to your Father in heaven who loves you, who will hear you in your weakness and answer you. Go to God in prayer and ask Him to help you trust and obey Him more and better. And as you worry about our church, in whatever aspect, pray for us. As God cares for our earthly needs, He will care for our earthly church. God loves us, take heart in that and rejoice in the work that He is doing here.

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