Pastor Paul Rieger

VBS: Rescued By Jesus


Vacation Bible School

As August rolls around, we now see another round of VBS. I love VBS. I love seeing our people get together and serve some kids. I love seeing the kids jump around and have fun. I love seeing the adults being goofy with the kids. I love it all. What I love most about it, though, is the opportunity we have to teach these kids about God’s love for them. For us, VBS has turned into a very missional thing. Every year we see new names and faces, and we get more and more opportunities to lead them to their loving Savior.


This year in VBS the theme is “Shipwrecked,” and we are using this time to teach the kids how God rescues. When you’re lonely, when you worry, when you struggle, when you do wrong, and when you’re powerless, Jesus rescues. What a powerful message to be giving these young ones. Those are feelings we all have, loneliness, worry, struggles, guilt, feeling powerless. And how great is it that we are equipping these kids to handle these things that will cross their path. Truly, that’s what VBS is all about — equipping the kids for their future. We’re not giving them math lessons, we’re teaching them about a God who loves His world and has even given the world His one and only Son so that all who believe in this Son, Jesus, would live.

What We Can Do to Help

So what can you do for this year’s VBS? Some of you are helping decorate; others are leading the kids around; still others are teaching; and some of you are cooking. But what if you’re not helping directly, how can you help? Prayer. Pray for these kids. Pray for them to hear God’s word and that it would strike their hearts and start them off in a relationship with their God. Pray for the volunteers. Pray that they would be blessed by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel. Pray for the little things, enough materials for crafts, enough food for snacks, that the computers would work, that the props won’t get lost.

It’s going to be another fun year of VBS, and I hope you’re as excited as I am.

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