Month: January 2019


Podcast – Jan 27, 2019 – Real. Present. God.

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National Lutheran Schools Week Listen to pastor Paul Rieger talk about how God is Real, is Present, and is HERE for us!  He pulls this into the discussion of our schools and how our schools continue to show how real our God is!  Listen to this wonderful message of how God is here for us TODAY! We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He givesRead More

2018 Trinity Radio and Video Review

2018 Review

Thank you from the Trinity Radio Club! What a 2018 we had this year! We celebrated our 70th anniversary of broadcasting over KDHL radio. We continued to expand our ministry through our website, streaming, recordings and on FCTV. We’ve also added a Podcast with each week’s message from the pastor. A nice way to listen to the message without having to go through the full service.  We’d like to give you a review of what’sRead More

Podcast – Jan 13, 2019 – You Are Mine

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You Are Mine We celebrate the baptism of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, this week.  You may ask, “Why does GOD need to be baptized?”  That’s a great question!  Pastor Paul Rieger takes us through Jesus’ baptism as well as the questions given by John the Baptizer in his message, “You Are Mine”.  We then hear about how Jesus’ baptism is relevant to us today.  How can we use this in our everyday life?Read More

LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces


From the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces. We invite all of you to read the newsletter, which highlights what the church is doing for our military members. Providing ministry support to the armed forces is a big undertaking and the LCMS, along with our congregations worldwide, has taken on the challenge. From The So Help Me God Site This issue of the So Help Me God newsletter from the LCMS Ministry to the ArmedRead More

Podcast – Jan 6, 2019 – Revealed To The Nations

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Revealed to the Nations Today we celebrate Epiphany.  That means, “the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi” (per Google Dictionary).  This is when we celebrate when Jesus was revealed to the world through the visit of the “wise men” or Magi.  Listen as Pastor Paul Rieger talks about this revelation and how it still affects us today. Knowing that Jesus came to the world as a baby and ultimately sacrificedRead More

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