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Podcast – Apr 21, 2019 – It All Depends On This

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It All Depends On This Happy Easter!  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  We say these words every year.  They are ingrained in our lexicon.  But what does that really mean?  Easter?  As Pastor Paul Rieger talks about in this message, it all depends on faith.  Pastor Reiger will take us through a history of the word “Easter.”  We can see why this word is a great ice breaker when we want to discussRead More

Podcast – Apr 19, 2019 – It Is Finished

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It Is Finished Why do we call the day that Jesus was crucified, “Good Friday”?  That makes no sense!  What’s so good about it?  Jesus was killed!  He died.  His last words, “It is finished”, brings to the end the ministry of Jesus Christ.  But does it really?  NO!  When Jesus says that phrase, he is telling us that he conquered death for us!  It no longer holds us in its grip.  It is aRead More

Podcast – Apr 18, 2019 – The Lord’s Supper

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The Lord’s Supper On Maundy Thursday, we celebrate Jesus’ meeting with his disciples in the room in Jerusalem and having a last meal together.  We call this last meal, The Lord’s Supper.  Or otherwise known as “The Last Supper”.  This meal was important for us.  It was here that Jesus gave us the institution of The Lord’s Supper.  The bread and the wine, signifying the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. The WordsRead More

Podcast – Apr 14, 2019 – Why Christ Came

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Why Christ Came Palm Sunday is the celebration of Jesus Christ riding into Jerusalem triumphantly on a donkey.  This was a week before his trial, crucifixion, death and resurrection. Today, Pastor Paul Rieger tells us the story of why Jesus came to us.  Why God sent His Son to be one of us.  Salvation seemed to be a notion that we could never attain.  But God saw differently and sent Jesus to us to takeRead More

Podcast – Apr 10, 2019 – Teachings

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From the Star to the Cross – Teachings Our final Lenten service wraps up the series by talking about Jesus and His teachings.  How do the lessons Jesus gave us matter today?  Why are they still relevant in 2019? Listen to Pastor Paul Rieger as he brings this Lenten season together. We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He gives us. If you have anyRead More

Podcast – Apr 7, 2019 – Parable of the Wicked Tenant

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The Parable of the Wicked Tenant This week Pastor Paul Rieger focuses on Jesus’ parable of the Wicked Tenant.  This parable talks about how we spend time worshiping idols.  And how we get greedy and turn away from God. We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He gives us. If you have any questions or comments regarding this podcast, please contact us at

Podcast – Apr 3, 2019 – Miracles

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Miracles Pastor Paul Rieger continues our Lenten series discussing how we go from the Star of Bethlehem to the Cross on Golgotha.  This week he talks about miracles and how Jesus used them to show that He truly is God. Jesus didn’t do miracles just to show his power.  He did them to show us that our own faith can bring us good things.  Listen as Pastor Rieger shows us how Jesus continues to showRead More

Lent Continues

Jesus on the Cross

Lent Continues Lent continues its march onward into April. We have been journeying together through Lent, continually reflecting on the death of our Lord. Why did He die for us? Why do I deserve such grace? And while Lent seems very depressing and remorseful, we know that it is a season of love. In John 15:13 Jesus says, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” LentRead More

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