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New Year, New Hope

New Year

New Year, New Hope There’s so much surrounding the new year, especially all the new and exciting things and opportunities. We make our resolutions to make ourselves new, whether that’s exercising, changing habits, healthier eating or whatever else. There’s so much we hope in. If you’re not aware, I’ve been using studies produced by the Bible Project for Sunday Morning Bible Study and Confirmation. They do these phenomenal overviews of books of Scripture with coolRead More

LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces

Independence Day

From the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces. We invite all of you to read the newsletter, which highlights what the church is doing for our military members. Providing ministry support to the armed forces is a big undertaking and the LCMS, along with our congregations worldwide, has taken on the challenge. From The So Help Me God Site This issue of the So Help Me God newsletter from the LCMS Ministry to the ArmedRead More

Focusing On Jesus Christ

Christ Focused

Focusing On Jesus Christ 500 years later, Martin Luther and his work in the church still ring true today. But a misconception of many is that Luther wanted to break away from the church. This was never the case. Luther wanted to reform the church, to change the church and bring it back to the way it was focused on the salvation of Jesus Christ and the joy of serving God through love. The ChurchRead More

Education Is A Lifelong Experience


Education Is A Lifelong Experience September is when, typically, everyone gets back into school. This might be heading off to school or simply having to deal with school schedules. But it’s also a time to consider our education in the church. We of course have our school, Faribault Lutheran, but many of you are too old to enroll. Sorry! Just one of those realities of life! So what are you doing for your education? CanRead More

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