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Podcast – Dec 9, 2018 – Prepare the Way of the Lord

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Prepare the Way of the Lord John the Baptist came before Jesus and started to lay the groundwork for the coming of the Savior. As we begin the second week of Advent Pastor Paul Rieger talks about how John paved the way for Jesus, he tells us to prepare. We hear how John began letting people know that the Savior that was prophesied about for all those years was actually coming to be with US!Read More

The Beginning of the Church Year

Salvation is Near

What is Advent? This week, we begin the new Church Year. But you may ask, “Isn’t starting the church year the first week in December rather strange? Most organizations use the calendar year!” Well, there is a good reason for this! The period leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, called “Advent”, begins the change from the Law to the Gospel. Advent means “the arrival” and is traditionally the seasonRead More

Podcast – November 25, 2018 – Build Each Other Up

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Build Each Other Up The end of the church year has arrived and we begin to look to the new year.  And that brings us to the Advent season.  Advent means “coming” and it foretells the coming of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.  But before that happens, Pastor Rieger will talk about our faith and how we doubt. Doubt Do you ever doubt your faith?  Of course we all do.  But how do we dealRead More

Advent 2018 Begins

Advent Candles

Advent 2018 The beginning of the new church year is beginning!  We celebrate the Advent season which has the meaning of “Coming”.  It is during this time period, we look forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Advent celebrates both the beginning, the birth of Jesus, as well as the forthcoming end, when Jesus comes back to raise up the saved people of His Father.  We prepare for His birth during the fourRead More

Podcast – November 18, 2018 – Joyful Giving

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Joyful Giving Join us for Pastor Rieger’s message entitled “Joyful Giving” based on Matthew 25:13-30.  Listen as he discusses how giving of one’s time, talent and treasure is important for our mission at the church.  As Pastor Emeritus Robert Snyder told Pastor Rieger, “Money follows Mission.” That is so true in today’s world.  Money is required for most charitable organizations to function.  From managing staff to making sure there is ample material to accomplish whateverRead More

Podcast – November 11, 2018 – Once and for All

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In this message, Pastor Paul Rieger takes us back to the Israelites and their journey out of Egypt to eventually heading into the promised land. Listen as pastor talks how we moved from the Law to the Gospel and went from animal sacrifice to the sacrifice of God’s Son Jesus for us. That ultimate sacrifice saved us from eternal death. It’s a wonderful message we have today!  Once and for all, our sins were takenRead More

Podcast – November 4, 2018 – The Multitudes Before God

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The Multitudes Before God While All Saints’ Day was really October 31, we celebrate today.  We look back at those we have lost this past year and rejoice that they have joined our Heavenly Father.  Pastor Rieger discusses what a saint is and how we view them in the Lutheran Church. Holy Scripture says in Psalm 116:15, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”  On this All Saints’ Day,Read More

Podcast – Oct 28, 2018 – True Freedom

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True Freedom We celebrate the Reformation of the Christian Church. Tracing our heritage back to Martin Luther’s posting of the Ninety-Five Theses on October 31, 1517, we join with God’s children throughout the world to thank Him for saving us by His grace alone through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The precious Gospel of Christ’s life, death, and  resurrection is the central truth of Holy Scripture, and it alone has the powerRead More

Podcast – Oct 21, 2018 – The Purpose of Stewardship

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The Purpose of Stewardship This week Pastor Rieger takes on the sometimes derogatory term, Stewardship.  This has become a four-letter word in churches because the first thing people think about is money.  But that isn’t really the case.  It means much more than just money.  It is about time, talents and the gifts we receive from God.  Listen this week as Pastor Rieger helps remove the veil and shows that it isn’t a four-letter word!Read More

Podcast – October 14, 2018 – True Riches

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True Riches Join Pastor Paul Rieger as he talks about how Jesus continued to challenge the status quo as He went through his ministry.  Pastor talks about how sin and the devil try to continue to pull us away from the one true God.  And he gives us suggestions on how to continue to stay on the path God lays before us.  Listen as pastor lays out our True Riches. We hope this message isRead More

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