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Podcast – Mar 6, 2019 – What We Show Others

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What We Show Others Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent in the Lutheran Church.  During this six week period  we show how Jesus was betrayed, suffered and ultimately died for us.  But that isn’t the end.  He raises triumphantly from the dead to assume his rightful place at the right-hand of His Father (and our God).  Our salvation comes from His victory over death. Pastor Paul Rieger begins our Lenten services by talking aboutRead More

What’s Happening This Lent?


Lent Is Coming These seasons where we have midweek services are a great opportunity for pastors to do sermon series. This lent our theme will be “From the Star to the Cross.” This is a collaboration between our regular worship artists of Kevin Kreger and Steve Denninger. Kevin brought me into the sanctuary one day to talk to me about his worship pieces for Lent. He wanted to draw attention to the wonderful star madeRead More

Reflecting on Lent


Lent is Here! Lent has started and March is packed full of Lenten services. So what is the point of Lent? Lent is a solemn time, a time of reflection, a time where we prepare to celebrate our risen Lord. In this season of Lent, we put away our alleluias, we put a veil on the cross, and we turn to focus on ourselves. Lent is a very different season in our calendar. Usually we’reRead More

Faces of the Reformation: Martin Luther’s Parents


Hans and Margarethe Luder In our last post, we were introduced to a good friend of Martin Luther, Lucas Cranach. Besides being a good friend and supporter, Cranach provided us with many images of Martin Luther that we can still enjoy because Lucas Cranach was also a renowned artist. This time, we will get acquainted with some very important people in Luther’s life: his parents, Hans and Margarethe Luder. Both Hans and Margarethe were bornRead More

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