Month: February 2019


Podcast – Feb 24, 2019 – Love Beyond All Measure

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Love Beyond All Measure This week we have a special speaker joining us!  The Reverend Doctor Lucas Woodford is the President of the Minnesota South District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.  Today, he talks about Jesus’ love beyond all measure for us. Listen to the wonderful words of Jesus and how He loves us, wretched sinners.  Hear how it isn’t by ANY works we do that we are saved.  It is the true GraceRead More

What’s Happening This Lent?


Lent Is Coming These seasons where we have midweek services are a great opportunity for pastors to do sermon series. This lent our theme will be “From the Star to the Cross.” This is a collaboration between our regular worship artists of Kevin Kreger and Steve Denninger. Kevin brought me into the sanctuary one day to talk to me about his worship pieces for Lent. He wanted to draw attention to the wonderful star madeRead More

Podcast – Feb 17, 2019 – The King’s Business

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The King’s Business Listen to our pastor Rex Longshore talk about Jesus’ ministry and how he went about getting His message out to the masses.  And then hear how we can take Jesus example and bring it into our own lives.  Join us today for “The King’s Business”. We hope this message is uplifting for you and brings you closer to God and the salvation He gives us. If you have any questions or commentsRead More

Podcast – Feb 10, 2019 – What Is A Disciple?

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What Is A Disciple? What does it mean to be a “disciple”?  According to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition is, “a convinced adherent of a school or individual .”  In simple terms, someone who is considered a disciple is considered a “follower” or a “student”.  As Jesus began his ministry, he needed to have followers that would help Him spread the message He was going to bring.  So Jesus began to bring in his chosenRead More

Camp Omega Polar Plunge 2019

Camp Omega

Camp Omega Established in 1964 and located just north of Waterville, Minnesota, Camp Omega has been serving over 50 years as a Christian retreat facility and summer camp. Open year round, Camp Omega serves a wide variety of Christian and secular groups and is the perfect setting for summer camp, family reunions, retreats, conferences and other gatherings. Camp Omega’s location on Horseshoe Lake provides a welcoming and comfortable setting within easy reach of southern MinnesotaRead More

Podcast – Feb 3, 2019 – The Power of the Lord

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The Power of the Lord Have you ever thought about power?  How is it held over you?  Governments, bosses, parents, and others all wield different degrees of power over us. God’s power is absolute.  And he shows us in many different ways that he is in charge.  Listen today as Pastor Paul Rieger talks about God’s power and how he uses it to guide us in our everyday lives. We hope this message is upliftingRead More

By Grace You Have Been Saved

Saved By Grace

The Book of Galatians So I recently changed my schedule to make Fridays, which are my slow days, my study day. I was recommended a new translation of Luther’s commentary on Galatians, so I picked it up and decided to start first with the book of Galatians. Why has it been so long since I’ve read Galatians!? It was so good. I mean, I know God’s Word is good, but for some reason this oneRead More

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